It’s been over a year since I posted here and giving you an update. I’m still selling this domain name. For some unknown reason, my Contact Me page didn’t work at all, since I was wondering why I didn’t get any responses.

A little change of plans and just to make things easier, I’m gonna sell all my Anime related domains in one lot.

  • otakuanime.com
  • otakuanime.net
  • otakumanga.com
  • otakumanga.net
  • otakuhentai.com
  • otakuhentai.net
  • animecupid.com
  • animeidol.com
  • evangelion.biz
  • kawaiichan.com
  • sailormoon.us
  • hentaicafe.com
  • hentaicafe.net
  • hentailove.com
  • hentailove.net

Feel free to still send me your offers, but offers that are pretty low will be ignored…